Luis J. Montaner Named Herbert Kean, M.d., Family Professor At The Wistar Institute To Foster Hiv Cure Research

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Hes a brilliant and innovative researcher who, while working in basic science, has been able to maintain strong relationships with the HIVAIDS community in Philadelphia. This is because Luis has never lost sight of the goal, which is a cure for HIV, and the promise that this epidemic will end someday. We at FIGHT congratulate him on this well-deserved appointment. Dr. Montaner is a leader in the field of HIV/AIDS research and the Kean Professorship makes it possible to support his quest for an HIV cure, said Dario C. Altieri, M.D., executive vice president and chief scientific officer of The Wistar Institute, director of Wistars Cancer Center, and the Robert and Penny Fox Distinguished Professor. HIV eradication is a global pursuit and Luiss current study on whether interferon- therapy can lower persistent HIV reservoirs in currently treated patients is at the forefront of the effort with a new and exciting approach to advance the cure for HIV infection. Established in 2002, the Kean Professorship is made possible through a generous gift from Dr. Kean, a Philadelphia surgeon, businessman and philanthropist.
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Dr. Larry Fan tells KGO-TV ( ) the man was given Botox, an anti-wrinkle treatment, injectable fillers and laser resurfacing. The man said he’d pay with cash but instead of paying he pretended to be talking on his cellphone and walked out the door. This may not have been the first free treatment for the man who Fan says is about 6 feet tall, in his 40s and has dark hair. The makers of Botox warned San Francisco plastic surgeons last April about a man who had skipped out on a plastic surgery bill.
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Man gets Botox, runs away without paying |

When asked for ID, he said he left it at home. He was sent in to get the injections anyway. When he was sent to the front to pay after the surgery, he told the clerk he needed to move his car, and that hed be right back. He never returned. He was captured on surveillance running away through the parking lot after receiving the thousands of dollars in injections. Police said they were planning on using the close-ups of his face and the DNA evidence on swabs and a bottle of water he left behind to track him.
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Botox bandit bilks San Francisco clinic out of $6,000 in cosmetic procedures –

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