The International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Announces Dr. Susumu Takayanagi As New President

I will devote all of my energy for the next two years to live up to this great responsibility, noted Dr. Takayanagi. His goals for ISAPS during his term in office are to: Ensure patient safety through ISAPS members a mission that transcends time he explained. Open ISAPS doors wider to include non-plastic surgeons in the exchange of knowledge and information about aesthetic procedures. Maintain the high profile of ISAPS and its members as well as welcome new members. Modify electoral policies to reward ISAPS members who produce results in their respective leadership positions. Establish a pathway that gives members in even more countries an opportunity to serve as an ISAPS president.
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Python 3: threat or menace? – O’Reilly Radar

An ENQUIRER reporter has seen gory images that include a photo of the comedian, under anesthesia, while in the middle of a facelift. The shameful source reportedly admitted that he swiped it from the doctors office before the files could be shredded. PHOTOS: Help, I Cant Move My Face! 25 True Tales Of Hollywoods Plastic Surgery Addictio n There are also photos of Andersons marked up breasts just before she had a boob job. Meanwhile the former employee shockingly claims to have a small vial of Michael Jackso ns blood and a piece of the mole singer Enrique Iglesias had removed in 2003. And to add insult to injury he plans to cash in on a number celeb secrets by writing a book once Dr.
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Radar Online | Hollywood Stars Plastic Surgery Secrets Leaked

WENN (If the French had got there first, wed probably have FRESCII and more stylish keyboards, possibly with flower holders.) But the world and its exotic non-ASCII characters intruded, and for a long time they were handled by defining alternative eight-bit character sets like Latin-1 and Windows-1252. These character sets stuffed characters into the slots that ASCII left unused. But you still needed to specify how to shift between these character sets, and none of the solutions worked that well. The same character might have a different byte value in different character sets. Youve seen this if you cut and paste among web sites, databases, and Word documents. So the Unicode consortium decided to define a unique integer value for every character in every language in the world, as well as various types of symbols. Now a Latin capital A was uniquely defined, even if some character in another language happened to look like it.
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