Do-it-yourself Plastic Surgery Ends With Life-threatening Injuries, Dismemberment |

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong! | CW39 NewsFix

But Glogau cautions against having the procedure done out of country or trying to do it yourself. I wouldnt do it. I think you belong in a doctors office where a physician is supervising this and you can depend on where they have sourced the material. As far as buying it online, Glogau says its easy for patients to take the leap. If we live in a world where you buy your Manolo Blahniks shoes at Neiman Marcus or you can buy them online at Zappos and its the same shoe, I think youre expecting what you see on a website as full value and true. One of his recent patients came to him after purchasing a non-FDA-approved dermal filler marketed on the Internet with just a credit card and a stroke of the keys. In a few days, the cosmetic filler she purchased from the website arrived postmarked from Brazil.
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She lost her hands, both feet, and both butt cheeks. Even scarier, doctors say shes not alone! More people are bypassing doctors to save money, especially by going online to sites that sell cosmetic fillers like botox at a fraction of the price. More often than not, it ends up costing patients much more. When a doctor in California removed some of the online-filler from a patient he found some other frightening materials. Glass, or fiberglass! Because people are not designed to accept fiberglass in their system, the patients body rejected the material, leaving hard lumps and discoloration.
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